Tiki-Taka ’18 Skin

Tiki-Taka ’18 Skin v2.0

Le Tiki-Taka ’18 Skin est ukin foncé basé sur des skins basiques avec l’ajout de panels issus des travaux d’autres skinmakers. Ce skin offre la possibilité d’utiliser des packs de logos, faces, stades, villes et backgrounds. Contient un bouton de résultat immédiat.

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Télécharger Light version v2.0

Changelog v1.1:

  1. Changed interface colours
  2. Added new background
  3. Added background on Stadium and City labels
  4. Fixed score size when in paused and in additional time
  5. Added the Instant Result button(thanks to Wannachup)
  6. Added Social Network and News backgrounds
  7. Modified colours of tactic positions
  8. Added halftime ratings in match tactics
  9. Other graphics improvements

Changelog v2.0:

  1. NEW Titlebar Style
  2. NEW Sidebar Style
  3. Added new background + background selector
  4. New Club Overview panel (animation in Staff & Trophies box)
  5. Background image on Player Profile
  6. Animated boxes in News section
  7. NEW Match Intro panel
  8. Fixed spaces in tactics overview
  9. Other bugfixes in several screens

Installation du skin Tiki-Taka ’18 Skin

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  • Football Manager 2018 : Patch 18.3.3


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Remerciements : Michaeltmurrayuk, a31632 (Champions League Skin), mastelli, FLUT skin makers, Emil Debski (Vitrex Skin)
El Comandante Qwas (Nocturno skin), Pikawa (CFM Skin), D_LO_, wkdsoul, Wannachupbrew, Gunzo